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At Rainmaker, we believe in a world where businesses, companies and organizations are connected globally whilst generating growth, affinity and affluence through deal-making. In challenging the status quo our world strives to keep the traditional aspect of the M&A space whilst leveraging technology to get deals completed with optimum efficiency. To implement this world we have created Rainmaker. Rainmaker is a full cycle online global platform that specifically designed for the high growth M&A market. Rainmaker is the first platform to feature deal sourcing, deal matching and a deal flow management system all integrated within one platform, this ensures an efficient progression of deals from sourcing to completion.

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RainMaker is built upon the latest encryption technology to give, buy and sell-side deal makers, the highest level of security. We understand the importance of security and we have taken all measures to provide a secure deal matching platform.

This insures peace of mind throughout the deal process.

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Mobile icon for RainmakerIn today's world, information is accessible instantly through mobile devices. The time spent on mobile devices is exceedingly increasing and we are responsive to such changes.

RainMaker is accessible on all mobile devices - allowing our members to drive deals forward whilst on the move.

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The platforms effectiveness is directly linked to its pool of members. RainMaker database of members is verified so that real deals are listed on the platform.

We have a stringent membership criteria - in order to maintain quality and integrity of the platform.


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The web is a multilingual environment and to cater to the online audience, the platform will be available in the most prominent languages. This is a necessary step to attract a global audience for deals from all over the world.

RainMaker is a localized platform with a global reach - giving qualified members a local experience whilst access to a global pool of opportunities.


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